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Finoverse Hosts Asia's First Hong Kong Green FinTech Summit at Hong Kong Green Week

Hong Kong Green Week witnessed the successful hosting of the inaugural Hong Kong Green FinTech Summit on 27 February, organized by Finoverse in collaboration with Cyberport and the World Green Organisation (WGO). The flagship event, backed by government bodies solidified Hong Kong’s position as an international green and sustainable finance hub.

A Watershed Moment for Digital Assets in the Bahamas

Leading innovators in decentralized finance and emerging tech recently gathered at the D3 Bahamas conference, hosted by Finoverse at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort. The event, attended by over 850 global participants, focused on the future of digital assets.

Finoverse is launching The Green Verse, promoting Hong Kong as a green technology and finance hub

Designed for banking partners, consultancy service providers, technology and services providers, regulators, and institutions concerned about ESG development, The Green Verse will nurture green initiatives, facilitate innovative financing, and provide convenient access to impactful capital.

The Bahamas’ Digital Asset Journey Continues at D3

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas in collaboration with the Government of the Bahamas and Finoverse, announced the relaunch of D3 Bahamas. Regulators, founders, and experts from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East will gather to learn, partner, and network at the beautiful Atlantis Conference Centre on October 10-12.

THE VERSE Opens Its Doors As Hong Kong’s Web3 Home

Finoverse proudly opened THE VERSE, a dedicated space for the Web3 community in Hong Kong to connect and collaborate. A combination of event and coworking spaces, THE VERSE will host Web3 community events, networking meetings, as well as programs to help startups and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in Hong Kong.

FTBL Concludes Its Fifth Successful Basketball Season with Its Web3x3 Tournament

On June 19, Finoverse’s non-profit subdivision FinTech Basketball League (FTBL) hosted its first Web3 3v3 basketball competition. Players competed from 21:00-23:00 in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, with winners receiving $1000 USD each in Alibaba Cloud Credits, compliments of Alibaba Cloud, the tournament’s official prize sponsor.

Radical Finance Elevates The Conversation on Web3 and AI, Reshaping The Future of FinTech

Finoverse launched Radical Finance, a FinTech event that successfully brought together over 650 Web3 and finance professionals. Touted as a Web3 event with “No Hype, No Noise, For Pros,” Radical Finance aimed to address emerging digital trends in the Web3 ecosystem that significantly impacted traditional finance and the industry’s evolution.

Finoverse Launches Radical Finance, a Web3 & AI Event Unlike Any Other

Finoverse is pleased to announce that it will be hosting Radical Finance in the West Kowlooon Cultural Distrct of Hong Kong on May 29, 2023. Radical Finance is an exclusive invitation-only event catering to finance professionals looking to dive deeper into the realm of Web3 and AI. 

Finoverse's Arabia Tour Explores Web3 Opportunities in APAC and MENA

Join Finoverse Live Arabia for an exciting FinTech adventure exploring Web3 opportunities in the Middle East and Asia, with a five-day discovery tour included.

Finoverse Takes Hong Kong Connectivity Worldwide

A version of this article first appeared in DigFin on 31 October 2022.

It's a Wrap – Hong Kong FinTech Week 2022 Is Over!

In November #HKFTW22 took over the town and drew in a record-breaking crowd of 30,000+ people for four days of high-level talks, exhibitions, networking, and business.

Introducing Our Podcast "Waves In The Finoverse"

Want to go surfing in the Finoverse? Ride this wave as we take a deep dive into a digital ocean of ideas. Asking the tech questions you need the answers to with those making ripples in the industry.

Founder’s Letter: From Finnovasia to Finoverse

Finnovasia has been at the cutting edge of FinTech innovation in Asia for the past seven years. Our new name reflects both the scaling up of our focus on Web 3 technologies and our ambition to become a company with global reach.

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