THE VERSE Opens Its Doors As Hong Kong’s Web3 Home

Finoverse proudly opened THE VERSE, a dedicated space for the Web3 community in Hong Kong to connect and collaborate. A combination of event and coworking spaces, THE VERSE will host Web3 community events, networking meetings, as well as programs to help startups and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities in Hong Kong. 

THE VERSE Launch Party, joined by Charles Ng, Executive Director of Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises and King Leung, Head of Financial Services and FinTech of Invest Hong Kong

THE VERSE opens as a new wave of momentum around web3 is building. In June, the Hong Kong government announced its Task Force on promoting Web3 development made up of 15 non-official members from the relevant market sectors, with the participation of key government officials and financial regulators concerned. This builds on the local government’s 2022 Policy Statement on the Development of Virtual Assets. Already an international financial hub, building a Web3 ecosystem is a major government commitment.

Chair of the Task Force, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan explained that Hong Kong entrepreneurs must “further develop blockchain technologies, utilise the merits of being transparent, efficient, safe, decentralised, deplatformed and low-cost, and try to apply them to more scenarios, solve problems in existing business models.”

THE VERSE continues the investment Finoverse is making in Web3 and DeFi. The Radical Finance event launched in May in Hong Kong, while the D3 Bahamas event is scheduled for October. 

THE VERSE will also support two new industry associations that will promote sustainable development and establish a deeper dialogue among industry participants and supervisory bodies in Hong Kong and beyond. Web3 Harbour, launched by Gary Liu, Co-Founder & CEO of Terminal 3, while Hong Kong Licensed Virtual Asset Association will be launched by Christopher Cheung, CTO of VSFG.

“Since we founded Finoverse in 2015, my Co-Founder Vila Wong and I have dreamed of creating a space where we could host regular meetings and bring people together,” Finoverse Co-Founder Anthony Sar said. “It's a place where entrepreneurs can challenge the status quo of the financial services industry. Here, bankers and crypto natives can meet, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.”

Forkast Labs announced the partnership with The Sandbox to index the metaverse at THE VERSE
Angie Lau from Forkast Labs, Yat Siu from Animoca Brands share their insights of Web3, Crypto and data transparency
Co-host Solana Night at The VERSE, joined by Solana Foundation's President, Lily Liu and Bugra Celik, the Director of Digital Assets Global Private Banking & Wealth at HSBC
PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong Crypto and Web3 team annual offsite event hosted at THE VERSE

Located in Sheung Wan, THE VERSE is the newest hub for Web3 in the heart of the city's business centre, just a few minutes' walk from the headquarters of major financial institutions. THE VERSE officially opened with a launch party on 30 June.

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