Radical Finance Elevates The Conversation on Web3 and AI, Reshaping The Future of FinTech

Finoverse launched Radical Finance, a FinTech event that successfully brought together over 650 Web3 and finance professionals. Touted as a Web3 event with “No Hype, No Noise, For Pros,” Radical Finance aimed to address emerging digital trends in the Web3 ecosystem that significantly impacted traditional finance and the industry’s evolution. The one-day conference, held at Freespace in West Kowloon on May 29, provided finance professionals with a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights around TradFi, virtual assets, Web3, and AI through informative panels, exclusive keynotes, and private roundtables. The event also featured a startup battle supported by Finoverse Ventures, where early-stage companies pitched their cutting-edge Web3 and AI solutions to esteemed judges from venture capital firms, banking corporations, and family office.

Radical Finance had separate stages for Web3 and AI tracks, covering a range of topics such as "Advancements in Machine Learning and Chat GPT” and "Investment Opportunities in the Web3 Era." Industry leaders participated in high-level discussions during private roundtables, with the anticipation that the insights gleaned from these discussions would then be compiled into a final report, to be shared publicly at a later date. 

The event aimed to demystify key trends around Web3 and AI for finance professionals, cutting through the hype to provide honest opinions and valuable insights. Radical Finance is the first event in a series that aims to equip traditional financial institutions with the knowledge they need to evaluate and apply the latest digital trends to their professional lives. Finance professionals seeking to stay updated with the latest Web3 industry trends will greatly benefit from these events, which offer impactful discussions, informative panels, punchy keynotes, and unique networking opportunities.

In summary, Radical Finance delivered high-quality content that proved to be insightful to its B2B audience. The fintech conference was concluded by the RadFi sunset party, where attendees were able to relax and network with others in a chilled environment. As Finoverse stands at the intersection of Web3, AI, and FinTech, be sure to check out our next event as we help industry professionals reshape the future of finance!