Finoverse Launches Radical Finance, a Web3 & AI Event Unlike Any Other

Finoverse is pleased to announce that it will be hosting Radical Finance in the West Kowlooon Cultural Distrct of Hong Kong on May 29, 2023. Radical Finance is an exclusive invitation-only event catering to finance professionals looking to dive deeper into the realm of Web3 and AI. 

Radical Finance (Radfi) is an event unlike any other, aiming to deliver insights to a high-quality B2B audience through a series of carefully crafted roundtables, curated one-on-one meetings, panels, and interactive discussions. Most importantly, Radical Finance aims to enable finance professionals to share ideas and benefit from high-level insights, cutting through the hype and focusing on what matters to foster industry growth and innovation. 

ChatGPT’s growth is already shaking up businesses, with IBM cutting 7,800 jobs in favour of artificial intelligence. As Generative AI and decentralised Web3 continue to disrupt finance, how will the industry adapt? RadFi will demystify these key trends, pinpointing the solutions that Web3 and AI can bring to the fintech industry moving forward. 

The one-day event will take place at Freespace, in the heart of the art district, next to M+. Not only will finance and tech professionals be able to attend insightful panels and sessions, but they will also be able to sit in on a startup battle between early-stage Web3 and AI companies. The judging panel will be comprised of high-level executives from various financial institutions, such as Dragonfly, Double Peak Group, SC Ventures, and HSBC Asset Management. Additionally, through a series of panels, presentations, and workshops, Finoverse will delve into the practical use cases of AI and its transformative effect on the FinTech industry at large. 

Together, Web3 and finance professionals will explore different aspects of institutional Web3 and decentralised finance (DeFi), sharing ideas on how to transition seamlessly from Web2 to Web3 in finance. 

By hosting Radical Finance, Finoverse strives to educate professionals about blockchain applications and use cases in finance and crypto, bridging the gap between different industries to foster innovation and collaboration. Furthermore, as there has been a lot of hype surrounding Web3 in Hong Kong lately, Finoverse strives to cut through the noise with its exclusive event, focusing on what really matters to highlight the use cases of blockchain technology and virtual assets on an institutional level. 

Join Radical Finance to gain exclusive insights on various topics ranging from AI to institutional finance, and seize the opportunity to network with the FinTech industry’s finest! Learn more on: